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Project management with mList allows you to create any list you can think of, such as reminders, to-do lists, to-do lists, places to visit.

Your List

You can share your lists with the people you want or make them available to everyone on your specially created page.

with All Devices

You can manage the list by creating shared lists, including the people you want to these lists, regardless of device ( android , ios , web ).

Content Sharing

List Followers can instantly view the newly added content added to the list.

to your needs

mList supports all the data you may need such as audio, text, url, date, image and location.

Simple and Clean

Thanks to its simple and powerful interface, mList does not bore you with too much detail, and allows you to reach your goal directly.

Renewed for You

Our designs prepared by our expert designers on the basis of the easiest to use and understandable.

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You can get Mlist for free from all platforms and quickly create your lists and share them with the whole world.